June 26, 2013

Summer Bucket List

School is out and summer is finally here! 

As much as I miss the routine that school brings in our day it sure has been nice staying up late and sleeping in but I'm beginning to think that Jayla views summer vacation as one continous play date. That girl wants to be on the constant move and swears she is bored after 5 minutes of down time. I wish I could bottle up her energy and sell it. I would make billions off of that!

I'm trying to keep her busy for my sanity so I've come up with a Summer Bucket List. We've already started on our bucket list. I've been wanting to put this post up for awhile now but our little internet issues kind of slowed that down.

1. Make homemade ice cream

2. Get mommy/daughter manis

3. Master swimming with out floaties. (we are getting there! YAY!)

4. Complete our Summer Reading Challenges.
           -Jayla: read/be read to a total of 24 hours this summer
           -Me: Read 25 books. I'm 13 books in!

5. Have a water balloon fight.

6. Frequent the free movies at the theather

7. Catch fireflies

8. Go to a museum

9. Play balloon ping pong

10. Go to the park after dinner

11. Have story time at the park

12. Have Jayla learn 20 new sight words

13. Count to 100 flawlessly. She gets 17 and 70 mixed up.

14. Organize every room in the house. I'm dreading this one

15. Frequent the Farmer's Market.

16. Go ride horses. I found a place near me that has lessons for $10 an hour!

17. Have snow cones

18. Blow up soap

19. Make play dough

20. Make window clings

21. Make lava lamps

22. Make a peach cobbler

23. Cook a meal that is entirely from the Farmer's Market

24. Play in the rain

25. Visit a water park. I think one of the Grandma's has this one in store for the little one.

June 24, 2013

Bye-Bye Preschool

I no longer have a preschooler but a kindergartener. It seems surreal at how quickly time has flown. 

I am so proud of the "big girl" that she is becoming. She's a little social butterfly and makes friends where ever she goes. She has the biggest heart and has so much empathy for others and is extremely sensitive and tender-hearted. She amazes me everyday.

She has grown so much academically, physically, and spiritually in a year.

She has finally put some weight on her this year which is a huge accomplishment for us! Ever since she was about 1 years old we have struggled to put weight on her and this past year she has made huge strides in that area. Her doctor is even impressed with the improvements made!

Sometimes I am in awe of how much she has grown in just one year.

(left:first day, right:last day)
I'm sure I'm in the same boat as many other moms who have been in this situation or are going through it now but I am scared to death of her going to public school.

For the past two years she has been in a private christian preschool. It has been a wonderful experience there and I am so grateful for the teachers and staff at her preschool. If I could I would just keep her in preschool forever.

She will be going from 12 other kids to who knows how many in one class, from 3 hours a day to a full day. To a school where they pray with and for your child to one where God isn't allowed. 

I'm so worried how she is going to adjust to a new big school where she has no friends. All of her friends are going to different schools this year. 

I'm scared of her getting a horrible teacher who is just burnt out, the "bad kids" taking away from her learning experience and exposing her to things I'm just not ready for to be exposed too.

I'm scared of her getting bullied and picked on because she WILL NOT stand up for herself. 

I just want to shelter her and protect her from it all. I know I can't, but I'm just not ready to let her go. 

On a side note, pray, send good vibes, good juju, whatever it is that you do, that Jayla gets into the school I want her in. It's the closest schoool to us but yet we aren't zoned for it. Turns out we are zoned for the worst elementary school in my town. She is not going to the one we are zoned for, one way or another. I am a nervous wreck that the district will deny my request for her to attend the one I want.

June 20, 2013

Back On The Bandwagon


Wow guys!  Did you miss me because I sure have missed you!!!

I have been gone way too long and I'm ready to get back into the swing of things and I have a few post already lined up for you guys!

I didn't mean to be gone this long. The craziness just didn't seem to slow down and as soon as it does, I don't have Internet for over a week thanks to the guy that lives behind us. He was digging in his yard and cut the neutralizer wire to our house. Woke up one morning and my power wasn't working right and I was having power surges. The power company had to come out and fix it. Once we got the power up and running I discovered that some of our stuff got fried from the surges and my beloved Internet router was one of the items. It took quite a battle with my Internet company and a few hiccups along the way with them to get up and running! That whole situation was a disaster!

Now that we have that out the way I can fill you in on some other stuff. The hubbs is back in school for his last semester, Jayla finished preschool, we've started on our summer bucket list,Jayla is working on swimming without floaties, and I've been keeping my nose stuck in a book.

Stay tuned next week for some post to show you what we've been up too!