April 26, 2013

Fender Bender

Last Friday I was in a car accident with my bestie. It wasn't exactly a fender bender. It was a bit more then that.

Our girls go to the same school so we usually run errands, have breakfast, and what nots together. It was just another ordinary morning of us hanging out but little did we know we weren't going to make it far in our little morning adventures.

We seriously didn't make it far from the school at all. Maybe 500 some feet before she ran a red light and hit another car. It all happened so quick. Normally, I am very observant and notice those kind of things and I didn't even see it until it was too late. I'm a pretty paranoid passanger. The last thing I remember seeing is that little red light going over my head.

There were 4 young men in the other car. 3 of them were already out of the car before we were and one guy never got out of the car. They all left in an ambulance for one reason or another. We did later learn that they were all okay and the nurse said that 3 of them were just pretty much pitching a fit. Regardless,I'm glad that they were all ok!

They weren't all that nice at the scene of the accident(except for one of them) and kept yelling at my friend. I don't know many times I heard,"Man,why'd ya hit ma car?" It's not like she intentionally did it.

She ended up going to the hospital after her car was towed and had a sprained neck. I opted out of going. The EMS looked me over at the scene and I really wasn't hurt to where I felt the need to go. 

I got a few bumps on my leg from the dash and nasty little bruise from the seat belt. Thank God for seat belts!! If we didn't wear our seat belts we could have been seriously hurt. I will take my nasty little bruise from a seat belt any day of the week!

If you don't wear your seat belt, PLEASE start doing so. You never know when an accident will occur. Better safe then sorry!

While my friend was at the hospital a 5th guy showed up claiming that he was in the car accident. He's not on the police report, and we didn't see him. We are thinking that IF he was in the car he fled the scene before we even got out and was scared to get in trouble with Mommy and Daddy or had a warrant out for his arrest. He showed up with his mom who said he was suppose to be in school.

 The accident doesn't look to bad from here. We were in the white car and the other car has a lot more damage to it. The tow truck guy said it doesn't look like we hit them too hard but it sure does feel like we hit them hard.


 Not too bad. I thought it was going to be a lot worse then that!

That was a few hours after the accident. I had red marks on my neck from the seat belt. The bruise got much more colorful the next day and really spread. It ended up going to my breast bone.
As if my morning wasn't bad enough when I got home I went on our back porch and sat down to call my mom and next thing I know I feel this fire in butt. I jump up wondering what is going on. It hurt so bad! I got stung by a bee. I mean really, only my luck!


April 23, 2013

Sweet Florida Sunshine

So I have been a pretty bad blogger lately and pretty late on getting this post up. Actually, I've been bad at putting any post up. 

Besides our day at Disney our vacation was really laid back and relaxing. Just what I needed and I got some wonderful qualtiy time in with my Grandpa.

Don't he look great for being in his early 80's? I hope I have his genes!

Our first night there we just sat on his dock and played bored games with Jayla and just chatted. The sun setting was beautiful! I already miss this view.
Jayla wanted to try her hand at fishing so I enlisted Daddy and Grandpa for that job. This mama wants nothing to do with fishing. Her excitement over fishing lasted maybe a whole 10 minutes. lol 

We also took Jayla to a little beach that was near my Grandpa's house to let her play. This beach was so nice. It had a nature trail, playgrounds,and picnic shelters. We ended up spending most of the day there. The beach was covered in little crabs. You could see them scurring into their little holes as you walked by. 
  On Thursday, we didn't do anything other then hang out at the house. We just relaxed and tried to recover from Disney. Luckily it was raining that day which gave us the perfect excuse to stay inside.

April 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I can't believe it's already Thursday and time for another edition of Three Things Thursday! This week has just flown by and the weekend is almost here! Yay!! 
 three things Thursday
This weeks topic is all about what you wanted to be when you grew up.
I really can't think of three things that I wanted to be when I grew up because for as long as I can remember I always wanted to be an archeologist. I had hoped to be an archeologist even as a junior in high school. It was the plan. I had looked into colleges for it and everything but some situations in life quickly halted that dream. I'm ok with it because if I pursued it I may not have the wonderful little family I have now. Everything happens for a reason.
It may be a good thing that I never actually was able to pursue it because now I don't like to get hot or dig in the dirt. I don't even do yard work.(that is about to change) 
I can remember being little and digging in the dirt for arrowheads and other artifacts. Sadly, I never found any but it never stopped me from digging in the dirt and exploring in the woods.
Panning for gold, and doing those little gem mining things were always one of my favorite things to do when we went on vacation. Actually, it's still one of my favorite things. It makes me feel like a little kid all over again. 
I was a whiz at identifying all the different stones I had found.
Last year we took Jayla to a Dinosaur expo and they had a little mining booth and I think she enjoyed it as much as I did. My mom and hubbs picked on me the entire time because of how excited I was to see it there!
Love her expression in this picture! 

April 17, 2013

A Magical Day

I've been dying to get this post up and share our day at Disney with you but since we got back things have been pretty crazy. Jayla came down with Bronchitis, hubbs was sick, trying to catch up on laundry, errands, and all the other normal day to day things. Jayla is quite clingy when she gets sick so it's hard to get much done.

We had a wonderful day at Disney. It wasn't too hot and it was an over cast day so we didn't have the sun beating down on us all day.

The first thing we did was meet the Princesses because it was only a 15 minute wait so we took advantage of that. Jayla was so excited to meet them. Normally she is shy and doesn't warm up to people quickly so I was nervous about how well she was going to interact with the Princesses. She went right up to them! You would have thought they were best friends with how she just walked up and started talking with them. She especially loved getting hugs by each one.

Rapunzel was my favorite. She was awesome and really into her character. Just bubbly and full of life. She even danced with Jayla.
After we met with the Princesses hubbs and Jayla headed over to get to in line to meet Merida while I went and grabbed fast passes for the Ariel ride. We had to get Merida done right way, Jayla was beyond herself to meet Merida. Merida is talked about quite frequently in our household. It's pretty easy to say that Merida is one of my Jayla's favorites.

We ended up having to wait almost an hour to meet Merida but once you get into the area to meet her they have crayons and coloring pages for the kids to keep them busy while they wait. 

Jayla's reactions to Merida were just priceless!
We really got a lot done for only having a day to spend at the Magic Kingdom. The whole month of planning and research really paid off. We got everything on my "to-do" list done except for meeting Belle and a few other characters.The line for Belle was just insane and Jayla was given the choice of meeting the other characters or riding some rides. She choose the rides, even over meeting Tinkerbell. I was shocked by that.

One of the things on my list was the Dumbo ride. Let me tell you, Dumbo pissed us off! There are two Dumbos now, one fast pass, one stand by. We went through the standy by line. We unintentionally  cut in line, it was pretty unorganized. We thought only two people could ride the ride at a time and Jayla wanted Daddy so I got out of line and waited for them.

Once you go through a line, you go into a circus building where you wait to get a pager before you get back into another line. It is air conditioned and a huge play area inside for the kids. 

Our cell phones had shotty reception there so I was having a hard time getting in touch with hubbs. After about 40 minutes I finally got a text from hubbs that he has about another 10 minutes before he gets a buzzer and then about another 40 minutes before he gets back in line. I watched a lot of people leave that ride before the rode it and no one looked happy. 
We didn't like being seperated from each other for so long. I mean we were there as a family to have fun and we weren't having fun at this point. I see a cast member who lets me into the circus tent and there are kids playing everywhere and you really can't keep an eye on your child. I didn't like that all! We wanted out of there so we asked Jayla if she would be upset if we didn't ride Dumbo but go get in line for the tea cups instead. Luckily she was game!!! 

Once we got over the Dumbo hump it was smooth sailing and we had a blast! Jayla did really good and really surprised me at how well she handled all the walking with very little complaining. If you are going to ride Dumbo, get a fast pass so Dumbo doesn't piss you off too.

I held her during the long lines to get her off her feet and before dinner I switched her shoes out which seemed to help because she didn't say her feet hurt anymore.

Leaving the parking lot that evening was quite confusing, we really didn't know where the exit was and no one around to direct you where to go. We finally found our way out and between the gps and the roads we got a little confused and missed our exit. The GPS rerouted us back to Disney and from there we were able to get to our exit and head back to my Grandpa's. Jayla was so wore out that she was passed out before we even got out of the parking lot. I think she passed out once she hit her car seat. Luckily we didn't catch any rain that day until we were leaving the park.



April 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I debated on whether I wanted to link up today or not as I was stuck at the doctors for most of it with my little one. She has come down with Bronchitis and this is the first time she has been REALLY sick. The codeine knocked her out so I finally have a chance to get this up and running! YAY!!

I'm linking up with Kristyn from Carolina Fireflies for Three Things Thursday and this weeks topic is all about what I wished I knew before I started blogging.

three things Thursday

I'm still really new to the whole blogging world and I still have so much to learn but this is what I have learned in a short few times.

1. This one makes me kind of sad and is a bit ridiculous because for the most part we are all grown ups and should have some maturity to us by now. The pettiness and the cattiness that has been going on is horrible. Some bloggers have just been down right mean to one another. The twitter wars that I have been seeing lately is ridiculous and just reflects badly upon those bloggers. They are quickly getting deleted from my feeds. I have no time for the nastiness nor do I want to see it. I teach my child to love and be kind to others and she learns it from me. I am her example and the example that some of those bloggers are portraying is not a good one. Seriously, leave high school in high school!
Luckily, the good still outweighs the bad.

2. The amount of work that goes into blogging. It's a lot of work and time consuming but it has been such a labor of love. 

3. How much blogging ties into other areas of social media. You seriously need to have your blog connected to as much social media as you can to help promote your blog. 

April 10, 2013

The Big Reveal

It was so hard for me not to tell Jayla about Disney World. There were so many times I just wanted to yell and dance that she is going. It was seriously eating away at me. The closer it got to us going the harder it was.

The orginal plan was to tell her the morning of that we were going. The plan didn't exactly go as planned. We caved the night before and told her. She was starting to ask a lot of questions as to why she was having to go to bed early and why we were having to get up so early. 

To save the peace from a million and one questions we went ahead and told her that she got her invite.

I was seriously crying when we told her. I mean tears were rolling down my face!