July 8, 2013

Keeping Up With Us

Summer has been keeping us busy. Not as busy as I would like, rain has slowed us down some. It has seriously been raining everyday. I'm over the rain at this point. 

I figured I show you guys what we've been up too in pictures.
We've been spending a lot time at the library coloring, reading, and putting on puppet shows. It has become a great little escape to get out of the house with this crappy weather we have been having.
Isn't she just the cutest? With all the flowers in full bloom she is picking flowers every time I turn around. She loves to put them in her hair and pretend she is a hula girl.
We have satellite TV and every time it storms it gets knocked out. I swear it's like having our own little personal weatherman. If you have satellite you know what I'm talking about. Right before a storm hits, the TV goes out so my child took matters in her own hands and made herself into a TV. Complete with finger puppets. She has been a weather woman, Sophia the First, and the funnies. Who needs TV when you have her to entertain you. Love the imagination of a child.

We went and visited with my mom in Greenville and took Jayla to Falls Park to walk around and see the waterfall. She was bound and determined to pet a duck. It didn't happen, but she enjoyed trying. 
We put bubbles in the kiddie pool! She had an absolute blast having bubbles in there. It seriously kept her occupied for the longest time! I eventually slid the pool up to her slide and put dish soap on the slide when she wasn't looking. She went flying down that slide and slid right out the other side of her pool. She thought it was awesome and slid down it until she knocked all the water out of her little pool.