April 11, 2013

Three Things Thursday

I debated on whether I wanted to link up today or not as I was stuck at the doctors for most of it with my little one. She has come down with Bronchitis and this is the first time she has been REALLY sick. The codeine knocked her out so I finally have a chance to get this up and running! YAY!!

I'm linking up with Kristyn from Carolina Fireflies for Three Things Thursday and this weeks topic is all about what I wished I knew before I started blogging.

three things Thursday

I'm still really new to the whole blogging world and I still have so much to learn but this is what I have learned in a short few times.

1. This one makes me kind of sad and is a bit ridiculous because for the most part we are all grown ups and should have some maturity to us by now. The pettiness and the cattiness that has been going on is horrible. Some bloggers have just been down right mean to one another. The twitter wars that I have been seeing lately is ridiculous and just reflects badly upon those bloggers. They are quickly getting deleted from my feeds. I have no time for the nastiness nor do I want to see it. I teach my child to love and be kind to others and she learns it from me. I am her example and the example that some of those bloggers are portraying is not a good one. Seriously, leave high school in high school!
Luckily, the good still outweighs the bad.

2. The amount of work that goes into blogging. It's a lot of work and time consuming but it has been such a labor of love. 

3. How much blogging ties into other areas of social media. You seriously need to have your blog connected to as much social media as you can to help promote your blog. 


  1. You should check this out: http://thebloggersanonymous.blogspot.com/ I was feeling really down about #1, like you. This new blog is AMAZING.

  2. Hey girl nice post, especially love number 1. The mean girl thing is awful and it really hit a breaking point this last week. Thanks for linking up with us :)

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for stopping by! I totally agree with all of your answers. I look forward to reading future posts dear friend! & getting to know you better ;) Xoxo

  4. Hey there. I just stumbled across your blog. Valerie at Make Mine a Cosmo had your button displayed all pretty like. I've been reading some of your posts and I think I'm going to like you! I am your newest follower! Have a great day.

    Cindy @ Thewoodenrollercoaster.blogspot.com