April 8, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.It's such a humbling celebration as we think about the amazing sacrifices made for us! It's also filled with candy, family, and good food. It's a bit more of a laid back holiday for our family where we have more of a chance to sit back and just enjoy each other.

This Easter was a bit more hectic then normal as we were trying to prepare to leave for Florida the next day.

Normally, I dye a ton of eggs. Enough for my grandma, mom, mother-in-law, and us all to have some left over. I only did 18 eggs this year. I didn't want to make a huge mess after all the cleaning and packing I did

I kept it simple and picked up 3 packets of Kool-Aid to dye our eggs with. I had never dyed eggs using Kool-Aid and was praying that it worked so I didn't have to rush out and get a kit. 

The colors came out pretty! I thought the fruit punch was going to be blue because it's in a blue package, nope, it was red. I guess if I would have actually thought of it most fruit punch is red. Oh well, life goes on and nut-nut didn't care. 

The eggs did smell really good using the Kool-Aid!
 She was serious about them eggs but hated waiting for them to color. She is just like her mama and lacks some patience. 
 I think the eggs turned out pretty good for just using water and a packet of Kool-Aid. The grape Kool-Aid turned the eggs a greyish color but once they dried they had blue speckles all over them. Jayla thought they were eggs from a Robin. I can't wait to try more colors next year!

On Easter morning Jayla was a little too excited to find the eggs and her basket. She had me up a bit earlier then I had planned and a lot of my pictures showed it, they were pretty blurry and out of focus. I'm just not a morning person.

I think she woke up in the middle of the night and scoped out where her basket was because she had no issues finding it!

I didn't do a whole lot of candy this year and gave stuff that she could take on the road with her. I thought it would be mean to give her a basket full of candy and then make her leave it behind for a week. Plus, she really doesn't need all that candy.
 Once the hunt at home was over we got ready and headed off to church. She has officially taken over my spot at church. Wedged right between my Grandma and Grandpa. Little seat-jacker! Not sure why she looks so pissed.

Ok, I'm going to trail off a bit here but this is just too funny not to share.

After church Grandma wanted to ride with us to her house so she didn't have to wait on Grandpa to count the money. No biggie, we are all going to her house anyways. Half way up the road she says that she doesn't have keys to get in. Once again, no biggie, I have a key to her house. Once we get there I notice that her car isn't there(Grandpa had the truck)and asked her where it was. She says,"Oh shit!! It's at church!" Yep, Grandma drove to church and completely forgot! Bless it!

Grandma and Grandpa always hide plastic eggs at their house filled with money and Jayla was quite excited to have a little extra money for Florida. 
  After we eat Easter dinner we play our traditional game of Dippy. Dippy is actually a Greek tradition but I'm not sure what the actual name of the game is. We have always just called it Dippy and no in the family is actually Greek.From what I have been told my Grandma grew up playing Dippy as a child. You pick an egg and you smash the end of your egg into the end of the person's egg beside you and you go around to each person smashing the end of the eggs. The person who has an end that isn't cracked wins. 
If you look in the carton you can see all the smashed tops. 
 What are some of your Easter traditions? Have you ever played Dippy or something similar?


  1. Aubrey got the Sofia movie too! Is Jayla obsessed with it like my Aubrey is?

  2. We don't play dippy, but we do a raw egg toss. We make several teams of two and start out close to one another and then gradually get further away tossing the egg back and forth and the team that goes the farthest with out getting yolked wins! It's hysterical and great family fun.