April 23, 2013

Sweet Florida Sunshine

So I have been a pretty bad blogger lately and pretty late on getting this post up. Actually, I've been bad at putting any post up. 

Besides our day at Disney our vacation was really laid back and relaxing. Just what I needed and I got some wonderful qualtiy time in with my Grandpa.

Don't he look great for being in his early 80's? I hope I have his genes!

Our first night there we just sat on his dock and played bored games with Jayla and just chatted. The sun setting was beautiful! I already miss this view.
Jayla wanted to try her hand at fishing so I enlisted Daddy and Grandpa for that job. This mama wants nothing to do with fishing. Her excitement over fishing lasted maybe a whole 10 minutes. lol 

We also took Jayla to a little beach that was near my Grandpa's house to let her play. This beach was so nice. It had a nature trail, playgrounds,and picnic shelters. We ended up spending most of the day there. The beach was covered in little crabs. You could see them scurring into their little holes as you walked by. 
  On Thursday, we didn't do anything other then hang out at the house. We just relaxed and tried to recover from Disney. Luckily it was raining that day which gave us the perfect excuse to stay inside.


  1. You almost have to take time off to recoup from your time off! Glad ya had a great time there and I can TOTALLY see some of those genes. :)

  2. He looks fantastic Looks like a great trip was had! Now sit back and try to ease back into things haha

  3. Your Grandpa looks so good for being almost 80! We need to live like him! Dawson doesn't last long with fishing either.