March 8, 2013

Above And Beyond

There are some people who go above and beyond for others. The little things that they do for someone can really mean the world to them. Someone recently went above and beyond for me and I can't thank them enough.

Rachel who blogs over at The Easley Family has gone above and beyond for me. I hope she knows how grateful I am!!! 

She was having a giveaway with a few of her favorite things. I entered, but didn't win. I was really surprised when I saw an email from her telling me to pick one of the items! 

Most of you know that I LOVE nail polish. Nail polish makes this girl happy so naturally I chose the nail polish. 

She didn't have to pick any additional winners to send any of the items too but she did and let me tell you. It made my world. I was over the moon! I've been needing a little ray of sunshine in my life and she brought it!!

I got the package in the mail today with not one but two bottle of nail polish!! How awesome is she?? 

Rachel has seriously made my day and gave me something exciting to look forward to through all the mounds of stress!!!! Please head on over to her blog and show her some love!!

This girl is going to have some pretty nails tonight!!
    Thank you SO much Rachel!!!



  1. Aww! That's awesome! Those colors are gorgeous as well!

  2. That's sweet!!! I love those colors!

  3. That is so sweet and those colors are awesome!!

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  4. That was super sweet. I have those two colours - love them!

  5. How sweet! Glad there are still good hearted people out there & such cute nail polish colors!