March 4, 2013

Milk Art

I came across milk art on Pinterest and figured it would be a quick and fun way to keep nut-nut entertained for a little while and it looked really cool.

This ended up being a partial miss. I need liquid food coloring and all I had was a gel type food coloring. 
We still had fun playing with it and it did keep nut-nut entertained for awhile.
What you need:
a plate
food coloring
milk {2% or higher}
dish soap
Pour the milk onto your plate and add your food coloring. Then add drops of dish soap in the center.

You are suppose to be able to watch the dish soap react with the food coloring. We ended up having to give it a little help and stir it. 



  1. I've always wanted to try this with the kids but I can never remember to buy 2% or above milk!

  2. That looks really cool!!! Gonna have to try that with my little ones. Found you on the blog hop. New follower of your blog, would love for you to come visit me and follow back


  3. Found your blog through the GFC Blog Hop. Love your blog! That milk art is way cool, but I can see how it could make a HUGE mess!!! New GFC follower here!

    Stop by and say hi!

  4. Ha ha! That looks great! And it looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to try that with my wild one.

    Thanks for stopping by! Off to follow back!

  5. Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog. This is a cute idea! Following you back :)


  6. How have I not heard of this! what a good idea!!