March 20, 2013

Invitation To Disney

Some you may know about our upcoming trip to Florida to visit with my Grandpa and that we are surprising Jayla with a day at Magic Kingdom. 

She knows we are going to Florida to visit Grandpa Bill and that is it. There has not been a whisper about Disney with her around.

The other week I was on Pinterest and she saw a picture of Cinderella's castle on the news feed and got upset because she has never been invited and that she really wants to go. Where she came up with the idea that you have to be "invited" to go is beyond me. She quickly got over it and went about her business.

A few days pass and we are watching America's Funniest Videos.(It's a Sunday family tradition) AFV always has something about Disney on the show and once again she gets upset that she hasn't been invited. I'm talking full on tears and meltdown mode this time. I felt so bad and just wanted to tell her we ARE going! I can't take the crying. 

To calm her down we told her that we will write Disney a letter telling them why she deserves to be invited and that we will mail it and then wait for Disney to send you an invitation. We told her that it could take a really long to get invited because they will get a lot of letters from other kids. It worked like a charm and the tears stopped.

We helped her write a letter and hubbs "mailed" it the next day on his way to school.

With her writing a letter to Disney and thinking that she needs to be invited to go I thought that I should come up with some sort of invitation. I enlisted my friend Sarah to use her awesome Photoshop skills and help me come up with an invitation. She came with up with the cutest design and emailed it to me for me to print off.

I can't wait for Jayla to see her invitation!!! Now I just need to keep my mouth shut for two more weeks!

Seriously, how cute is that invitation? 

 On Friday I will be showing you our shirts for Disney and a giveaway!!!  


  1. I'm so happy I could help you out with the invitation! I can't wait to hear the reaction!

  2. that is so cute that she thinks she needs an invite! and great that you got one!