March 31, 2013

Sunday Social

Happy Easter!!! I hope you have a wonderful Easter and get to spend it with the ones you love!!!
Today is going to be a busy day. Church, lunch at Grandma's, last minute cleaning and packing, taking the dog to my mother-in-laws, and hitting the bed early. We are leaving for Florida at 4 am!

I see lot's of coffee in my future!

Now on to the questions!
Sunday Social

1. Favorite type of work out to do. I walk. I should do more, but I have zero motivation in that area.

2. Favorite guilty pleasure, candy, or sweet? Anything chocolate! Such a sucker for chocolate.

3. What is the one thing you continuously forget to do. I always forget to take the clothes out of the dryer.

4. Post its or phone reminders. Both. I have post it notes all over my computer home screen. I'm so glad that my computer came with a post it note app.

5. Favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile.

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  1. Happy Easter! Have a great vacation! :)

  2. Cute pic! I totally forget the clothes in the dryer too. In my old apt complex we had a little washer/dryer room and I would always forget my clothes and find them piled on the dryer when the next person couldn't wait for me to come get my stuff. Whooops!