January 22, 2013


Last week was the start to a few changes in our little household. My husband started school again and attends classes in the evenings so it's been just me and the kid. 

She is not fond of these changes yet.

From the time he walks out the door all I hear is, "I want my Daddy," and "When is Daddy coming home?" By the time bedtime rolls around I've had enough of hearing "Daddy" come out of her mouth. It makes me sad for her because I know she really does just want her Daddy. I know she doesn't understand why he isn't home with us like he normally is. I miss having him at home in the evenings with us too.

I've been trying to do little extra special things with her in the evenings to distract from the fact that he isn't home. Today, we went to the library and had some girl time and picked out a couple new books to read together at bedtime.

Can we just skip the adjustment period and get to the part where it all has become routine for her and I

She put on a puppet show for me at the library.



1 comment:

  1. Those changes are hard! She'll get used to it, but that adjustment period sucks!
    She's a doll!