January 31, 2013

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK that this morning totally sucked because I am now in my pajamas. Nothing can ever go wrong when you are at home in your pajamas. Right??

It's OK that my car decided that it doesn't like me anymore and doesn't want to go into gear because my hubbs will now be dealing with it. I'm not, so over it.

It's OK that Mr.Lexus Man wanted to tailgate me when I was already doing 10 over the speed limit because I slowed down and went under the speed limit. 

It's OK that I had to register my child for Kindergarten because she is more ready then I am.

It's OK that I locked myself out of the house because I shoved my kid through a window.

It's OK that this morning has been pure hell because I had Sarah to vox with and she listens to my ramblings.



  1. I always slow down too if some jerk is tailing me. It's totally okay!

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