January 13, 2013

Third Wheel

Date night didn't go according to plan. It ended up being a semi-date night with a little third wheel.

Jayla got a little homesick and was ready to come home a little after lunchtime. She didn't sleep so well at Grandma's house and when she gets really tired, she just wants home. Can't blame the kid, there is nothing like home.

Once we got home, I turned on Alice in Wonderland and she knocked out pretty quickly. It was much needed, she was down right whiny. 
She woke up quite cranky and I was not dragging her out to dinner in such a foul mood.

Our date night turned into take out from a yummy local burger place in town and a movie at home with my little family.

Plans may not have panned out like they were suppose to but it was still a great night in with my little family.  

After Jayla went to bed, the hubbs and I watched Looper. I wouldn't recommend it.  

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