January 19, 2013

Happies and Crappies

I'm fashionably late on this one but I've joined my first link up! Happies and Crappies with Stephanie and Sarah. Love the idea! The button is pretty cute too. Can never go wrong with glitter.

  • Nut-nut had a few extra days off from preschool so we got more cuddle time.
  • Celebrated my husbands 32nd birthday
  • Got to spend time with my Grandma. I just adore her.
  • Made my first ice cream cake ever and it was amazing!
  • Jayla has been extra loving.
  • I got to sleep in one day this week. That rarely ever happens. 
  • Had lunch with some great friends
  • It rained for 2 weeks straight and was really cold
  • The weather teased me with a chance of snow. I really want snow.
  • The medicine I'm having to take has my hormones out of whack.
  • My husband started back to school so I'm without him 3 nights a week
  • I spent way to much grocery shopping this week. I hate spending money

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up


  1. really nice post, perhaps I should barrow the title someday and write something similar, look at that, you just inspired someone to write a post :)

    i definitely will like your facebook page, cheers :)

    1. do you have a facebook page :) ?

      p.s. security measures are some real kill joys, try getting rid of them :)

    2. I don't have a facebook page yet. You should link up and participate in the Happies and Crappies.

    3. Gabriel- you should link up with us at my blog- www.thevintagemodernwife.com ! we write happies and crappies every Friday :)

  2. Jess- love your blog! so glad you have linked up with us this week. glad you got to have extra cuddle time with your baby :) that's always the best. hope we see you next week for happies and crappies again!

  3. lol. I can't even make a real cake let alone an ice cream cake!!! Kudos to you!!! love your blog too!! Your newest follower here!