February 11, 2013

Adventures In The Emergency Room

My husband tweaked his back Friday at work but it seemed ok and didn't really bother him until the next day. He woke up Saturday morning and could barely move because his back hurt so bad. He lounged in the bed for most of the day and then around 5:00 he decides he needs to go the doctor. In my small town if it's a weekend, you have to go to the emergency room

We headed to the ER in the next town over from us because their ER usually gets you out pretty quickly and we had nut-nut with us. We ended up spending 6 hours at the ER. Apparently this ER only has one doctor??

I must brag about my child. For being stuck in a hospital for 6 hours with not a whole lot to do she was AMAZINGLY well behaved. She is normally pretty good in public but I was expecting some sort of melt down. I mean a 5 year old up way past their bedtime can lead to disaster. She didn't whine or ask to go home at all. I was beyond proud of her behavior.

This is how we allowed to entertain herself once we were in the room.
After she crashed into the wall we had her pretend the walls were a force field and would zap her if she touched them.  



  1. I am cracking up!! That's awesome that she was so well behaved!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. What a creative way to pass the time!

    Jordan @ Let Them Eat Paste

  3. That video still cracks me up!