February 3, 2013

Jess Got Hacked.

Ok, so Jess didn't really get hacked. She gave me her info, so I could sign her up quick for a blog hop because she's too busy partying the night away. (she's really not, but she is having a party)
I'm Sarah. Her totally awesome, amazing friend who decided to get my revenge by putting a post on her blog. 
I have a blog too. It's here.
 We'll pretend I'm guest blogging, but I'm really not, since Jess knows nothing about this and I'm going to write off of the top of my head. Normally, I would be a complete smart ass and ramble on with jokes and all that. 
But I'll be nice and tell you all how awesome Jess is. Because she really is pretty amazing.
I met Jess on Cafemom. Have you heard of it? It's a website made for a bunch of bored Mom's to go and get "advice". Well, advice is rare, but if you want to feel like you're still in high school, go sign up! Just kidding, there is some really great groups there if you look hard enough.
Anyways...so I met Jess on Cafemom where we were both Mods. We basically got paid to make posts and regulate drama. She was awesome. I'm awesome. It was a match made in heaven. The only issue is we are states away from each other. Fate sucks. 
We chat over text. We chat over vox. We chat on Facebook and some day we will chat in person and that day will be amazing.
Jess is the sweetest, most caring person ever. She's spunky, she's feisty and she's funny. She will have your back and she will listen to you vent about the stupidest things ever without judging. 
I love her and you will too! Follow her and love her, just like me! 
Well, I hope you enjoyed my hacking! :) Until next time, that is if she ever trusts me with her password again! 



  1. what a lovely post sounds like you have a great friendship :) I followed both of your blogs x