February 8, 2013

Happies & Crappies [4]

It's the end of the week and that means it's Time for Happies and Crappies
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

1. Nut-nut is all registered and ready to start Kindergarten in August.
2. My wonderful hubbs fixed my car and it didn't cost us anything!
3. Got to spend time with my grandparents on Sunday
4. Found a book I've been dying to read at the library.
5. Had a little mommy-daughter lunch date
6. Hubbs got a great evaluation at work and is up for a nice raise once the paperwork goes through.
7. I got to vox with my best friend Sarah(you can find her here) and she listened to my rambles.
8. Jayla colored a picture of a pig in school and her friend's voted hers as the best. 
9. My blog was sorta hacked by Sarah. You can find that post here. 
10. I got my nail tape in the mail and had fun playing with it. It's always a good day when I get new nail stuff.
 11. Addicted to a new game on my phone. Ruzzle, it's awesome.

1. My car broke down. Car troubles always suck
2. I locked myself out of the house and had to shove Jayla through a window.
3. Jayla got sick all over the bathroom not even 15 minutes after I cleaned it Saturday
4.She also threw up all in my bed at 6am on Monday.
5. Jayla missed her field trip and I felt so bad for her.
6. Bills,bills,bills, I hate em     
7. I wanted some Dove Valentine chocolate and went to pick up some while grocery shopping and my Walmart doesn't have any!!!! They aren't even selling it. What the hell?!?! 
8. My town sucks, it doesn't have a target, and if it did I bet they would have Dove Chocolate. 


  1. I remember when my mom and I were locked out of the house and she had to shove me through the window. It was an adventure I'll never forget. I bet your little girl thought it was wild! Not a crappie :)


  2. I would seriously die without a Target.and Dove. How far away is the closet one?

  3. Not having a Target is the worst! The closest one to me is 30 miles away, it sucks! I feel your pain :(

  4. I think you should call walmart management about their lack of Dove. That's some bullish right there. I love voxing with you! :)

  5. Your town doesn't have a TARGET?! Gasp!! I'm not sure what I would do without a Target. Maybe wander around like a lost puppy?! Haha! ..Stopping by from the link-up! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! =)

  6. One of my happies is definitely finding a good book :)