February 25, 2013

One Of Those Days

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes as planned?? Yeah, that's how my day is going.

My child didn't want to cooperate this morning while getting ready for school and was acting like this.

The hubbs fell yesterday and sprained his ankle and decided to go to the doctor today. Anyone that really knows us can tell you how often I am at the doctors for him. In fact, we were just in the ER the other week for him.(See this post.) I seriously should buy stock within the hospital seeing as how they get so much of our money. He gets hurt/sick so much much this is how I feel when something happens to him,again. 
Reaction GIF: eye roll, Tina Fey

I wanted to upload pictures off of my camera so I could get today's original post up and schedule the rest of weeks. As you can see from this post, that didn't go as planned either. My camera's battery decides to die and is currently charging. Uploading the pictures will have to be postponed until tomorrow.

This is what today can do.

Even though today hasn't gone as planned or as smoothly as I would have liked. It could have been worse. I mean, any of these things could have happened to me.




  1. Lol this pics are hilarious!

  2. That first one.... OMG!
    But the rest cracked me up!

  3. Hi Jess, Thanks for stopping by my site. This blog hop is my first one. I love your blog title and I can tell I'm going to love your blog. I love this post, you had me cracking up!

  4. OMG Jess! Scary little girl status! And your husband?!?! Whaaaat?? I hope tomorrow goes better! <3

  5. That is girl in the first picture is CREEPY! And that is why you don't slide down banisters...